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To Business Owners

If you are thinking of business expantion into Japan, let me assist you!








Interested in developing your business in Japan, and creating a promotion video in Japanese that can be used for your company introductions and presentations?

Or you may have a promotion video, but there is no Japanese version. There may be a language barrier to talk to a Japanese native narrator or to go through a voice talent agency in Japan. And it may cost too much.

If that is your concern, I could be of your help!

I am a Japanese native, English-speaking bilingual narrator based in the Tokyo area. You can simply send me your content, then I can translate it into Japanese and provide voiceovers on your content.

There is no need to hire a translator(*), and you will have no trouble communicating when you wish to provide directions when recording.  

Please feel free to contact me for a quote. I look forward to working with you!

(*) Additional charges may apply if your content requires me a translator during preparation when it includes advanced knowledge and terms such as old history, medicine, space technology, etc.

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